Wendy’s Sing and Play is held every Friday from 10.30 til 12.00 at St Mary’s Church Aylesbury. The sessions run throughout term time and school holidays and it’s for all ages. During the school holidays there will be some messy/craft play sessions so wear old clothing! Can’t wait to see all those happy smiling faces.

Song, music and dance are a key part of a child’s development today, as it has always been. When children are involved in music, taking part actively, listening or watching, a positive process occurs within. It stimulates feelings of happiness and of being in the present moment.

Wendy’s Sing and Play loves to entertain children! We do this through the use of action songs; visual aids; puppetry; guitar accompaniment; the use of a diverse range of musical instruments; dancing and observing the flow and movement of material and having a good old sing song!

Our aim is to encourage children to feel good about themselves, to be happy being who they are, to build confidence and to open awareness to their full potential.

Music, laughter and fun entertainment lifts our spirits, bringing out the inner child within us all.

When children are happy the sun shines from them, there is no greater joy!